Inter-generational learning

Amy Hayes, Waddesdon Community Library

Waddesdon Library has a close working relationship with their local school, Waddesdon Church of England, but they've taken this partnership a step further with their "Get Connected" sessions. After consulting with their local council and aligning with their aims, they decided to buddy up students with their local older generation to help them learn basic digital skills.

Who better to teach older learners than the younger generations who have grown up with the internet? The great thing about this idea is that everyone benefits - not only are older learners socially included, but the young get valuable tutoring and volunteering experience, as well as teaching them the value of contributing to their local community.

Rather than the classes being a fleeting visit, they have also created the 'Graduates Club' - a chance for the learners both old and young to gather on a regular basis, making this idea both digitally and socially inclusive.