Easter eggs create bigger digital footprint for Kensington Community Learning Centre.

Alan Tapp, Kensington Community Learning Centre

As relatively new users of social media, Kensington Community Learning Centre in Liverpool wanted to increase the traffic to their newly established Facebook page. They already host a successful monthly ‘Board Game evening’ and they realised that this could be an ideal opportunity to give their Facebook page that much-needed boost.

Taking inspiration from other organisations who have adopted this marketing technique, in the lead-up to Easter they hid 'Easter eggs' within their hard-copy promotional flyer for the board game evening with two simple calls-to-action: like and share their Facebook page, and send a message stating how many eggs were hidden in the flyer for a chance to win a Thorntons Easter egg!

During the competition, their number of Facebook page views rocketed to 1550%, post engagements (reactions, comments, shares) were up 1256% on the previous week, the reach of their Facebook page increased by 4621% (of the 639 pageviews that week, 543 of them were new visitors) and they saw a 5% increase of likes compared to the week before the competition.

As a result of trialling a new marketing technique, KCLC successfully raised awareness of and increased the traffic to their Facebook page. Could this idea work for you?