Try 1 Thing bingo

Our bingo card is a great way to help as many people as possible Try 1 Thing during Get Online Week, and there are lots of different ways you can use it.

The Digital Champion bingo challenge
Give each of your Digital Champions a bingo card and challenge them to get at least one person to try as many of the things on the card as possible. The most squares crossed off the card at the end of the week wins!

Learners sharing skills
If you’ve got a group of learners - some with more experience than others - break the ice by giving each person a card and encouraging them to find people who have done what they’d like to do, or who they can share their own skills with - helping them to cross squares off each other's cards.

A goal for ambitious learners
If you’re working with people with a bit of experience using the internet, challenge them to try things on the card that they haven’t done before. If you’ve got a group who know each other, make it a friendly competition and offer a prize for the person that tries the most by the end of the week.

We’re sure you’ll come up with lots of other ways to play Try 1 Thing bingo. Let us know how you’re doing on Twitter!

Run out of cards? Download and print more!