Community Challenge Prize

How would you use £2,000 to help people spend less money?


We know you have lots of great ideas. Answer this question and win £2,000.

Good Things Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation have teamed up. Together, we have created a competition which rewards the best ideas in the Online Centres Network. We know the difference you make in your community. Now we want to know how you solve problems.

For Example...

Starting Point, a social enterprise in Stockport, noticed that their local supermarket was about to start charging for parking. Over time, this would have had a big financial impact on the families who regularly use the precinct.
in response, they organised a protest through Facebook, mobilised a local boycott, and the supermarket changed their plans.

Challenge Prize Timeline
Launch | 30 November 2017

Launch of Community Challenge Prize at the Digital Evolution 2017 conference.

Expression of interest deadline | 26 January 2018

Fill in the application on this page before the deadline.

Development workshop | 12 February - 2 March 2018

We will invite 60 centres to develop their ideas at workshops. These will take place in Leeds, Birmingham and London.

Submission of final ideas | 6 April 2018

After the workshop you will have another month to apply with your fully formed idea.

Winners announced | 11 June 2018

The 10 most exciting ideas will win £2,000 but everyone who takes part will have an idea and proposal to interest other funders.

Tips for your application

When you are thinking about your response, remember that different groups of people spend money in different ways. The way they spend money might be determined by who they are, where they live, or how they are paid.
This isn't about helping people to budget better. It is about making change to remove unnecessary costs. When you think of your response, think about:

  • Who comes to your centre?
  • What are they spending money on?
  • Is there anything about your area which means that people pay for something that you think they shouldn't have to pay for?

What's a challenge prize?

The idea is simple: someone sets a challenge, and asks people to respond. The best response gets a prize. Prizes can act as a powerful incentive for meeting some challenges. The structure of a challenge prize has a long and impressive history in technology and engineering. Now people are starting to test how challenge prizes can work to answer social questions.

Will I automatically get through to the next stage if I submit an expression of interest?

We have space to take 50 centres through to the workshop stage of the prize. We think that everyone who applies will get a place, but there is the possibility that we will get more than 60 applications. If this happens, then we will have a sifting process to find the 60 best ideas to take forward.

What do we get out of going to a workshop?

Our workshops will help you to build your idea into a fully grown bid. It will be an intensive workshop to help you think through the idea, test it, and make sure that it is right. By the end of the workshop, we hope that you will all have full ideas that are ready to enter the prize. Even if an idea doesn’t win, it should still be good enough to take to a funder.

Where are the workshops being held?

London, Birmingham & Leeds.

When do we get £2,000?

We are awarding £2,000 to the ten best responses to the challenge. We will award the prize in June 2018.

Do we have to do anything with the £2000 award?

No. The £2000 prize is just a prize, with no strings attached. In the wording of the challenge, we used the figure £2000, because we think it gives a good idea of the start-up cost for an idea. If you had £2000, you could test an idea out, pay for a campaign, or buy equipment to start a social enterprise.