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Good Things Foundation Customer Service Charter

It’s our passion to provide efficient, effective and friendly support to everyone who gets in touch. We always welcome feedback and use it to continuously improve. Our customer service charter outlines what you can expect from us depending on how you get in touch, and if you would like to ask for any clarity on anything in this document please email

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Meet the Network Team

Gabi Woodhams — Head of Network Delivery & Customer Support

As well as heading up our Network Team, Gabi makes sure that we're doing whatever we can to make sure the Online Centres Network has all the support and resources we can provide to do the amazing work it does in communities across the country.


Jonathan Bradwell - Network Delivery and Customer Support Manager

Jonathan is responsible for the delivery of a number of our grant funded programmes, as well as quality and delivery assurance across our portfolio of projects. Alongside this, Jonathan manages the team that offers support to our community partners delivering our projects and using our websites.


Sarah Maye — Network Delivery and Customer Support Officer


Sarah works on our network team, supporting organisations to makes sure they have access to all the information, resources and support they need to help local people do more with digital technology, and not be left behind.

Alison Broadley — Senior Network Delivery Officer


Alison regularly talks to our network, finding out how they help people learn basic digital skills and use Learn My Way so she can share this with other organisations.


Bryony Evans —Senior Network Delivery Officer


The thing that Bryony likes best about her role is that she gets to speak to staff and volunteers from Online Centres regularly. She finds it really interesting to learn about the varied types of organisations that join the Network, and the creative ways in which they support digital skills learning.