Good Ideas Prize

Good Ideas PrizeWe hear a lot about the word ‘innovation’ these days. Here at Good Things Foundation, we see innovation as those good ideas that Online Centres have (and the things you do as a result) all the time - the ones that help a particular learner or group of learners get engaged, the ones that support your wider community, or the ones that help you to do things more efficiently.

During March and April, we ran a competition called The Good Ideas Prize, where we asked members of the Online Centres Network to send us 500 words describing their own tried and tested ideas, under the headings of:

  • The problem or issue they faced
  • What they tried out and why they think it worked
  • What happened as a result

There were 10 prizes of £200 up for grabs and we were delighted to receive so many brilliant entries. It was hard to whittle it down, but our team of judges have picked 10 lucky winners.

Read more about their good ideas below and if you think it’s something you could implement in your centre, why not post about it on the Online Centres Network Facebook group and discuss with your fellow members?