Going above and beyond to help learners in need

Michelle Smith, Mpower People CIC

Mpower People is an Online Centres Network member based in Liverpool. They provide activities aimed at empowering individuals to live healthier, more independent lives. One of the courses that they deliver is the Comic Relief-funded Money My Way which aims to help people improve their financial know-how.

As Mpower People continually focus on the needs of their learners, following one group’s completion of Money My Way, centre staff sat down with the group to find out how they could continue to support them to save money.

As many of their learners face fuel poverty issues and are disabled and on benefits, they took the learning to the next level, reaching out to partners, NEA (National Energy Advice, a charity that works to end fuel poverty) who were happy to send an expert to the centre to give learners specialist advice on their energy bills and deliver an energy efficiency course. This led onto a quiz and craft making session where learners were able to make a useful, fuel-saving item - a draught excluder. They were also provided with free LED light bulbs and, at a later date, came back to learn how to make curry in a slow cooker.