How we measure the people you help - delete

At Good Things Foundation, there are three ways in which we count all the people you help locally with basic digital skills.

1. Learn My Way course completions
2. CaptureIT learner management
3. Basic Digital Skills Survey

The most popular of these methods is Learn My Way usage. If your learners enter your Centre ID number when they first create a Learn My Way account, all the learning they do is registered to your centre, and you can view it in your Management Information.

However, we know that Learn My Way courses aren’t suitable for all learners, and not all UK online centres use it, but they're still helping people to gain digital skills using other tools. It’s vital we capture that activity to prove to digital inclusion funders and stakeholders the depth and breadth of what the UK online centres network can do.

That's why we have two tools that can mean you can become a full UK online Centre Partners - and even be eligible for UK online centres funding - regardless of how you’re teaching basic digital skills.


We’ve created a new tool, the CaptureIT online tutor return, which not only lets you log the people you support, but also lets you monitor their individual progress - regardless of the tools, courses or resources they use to learn. It could be Learn My Way, BBC Webwise or even resources and lesson plans you’ve developed yourself.

All you need to do is make sure your Learn My Way account has tutor access, and once you've logged in you can visit the Learner management area. You can add new learners and start recording their learning, letting us know which digital skills they have gained (based on the 13 key digital skills identified in the Go ON basic online skills framework).

It’s a great way to digitally track and audit your delivery, and you’ll still be able to see the performance of your centre and individual learners in your Management Information. You can add learners individually, or as a group if they’re learning together, and you can then update skills gained for a whole cohort, or just for individuals.

Basic Digital Skills Survey

If you don’t want to, or can’t, use Learn My Way and don't have time to use Capture IT, we’re still really keen to capture your digital inclusion activity, and the skills your learners are gaining. To help do this, we’ve created the Basic Digital Skills Survey - which takes just five minutes to complete.

It asks seven very simple questions to find out how many people you’re helping and what it is they’re learning. This information will contribute to the more informal numbers we use to demonstrate the impact of the whole UK online centres network.

We’re asking UK online centres who do not receive funding from us, and who do not use Learn My Way or CaptureIT to fill this in once a month, so it can contribute to your records as well as our own.

Please note, the Basic Digital Skills survey is ONLY for learners who cannot be captured through Learn My Way or recorded on the CaptureIT online tutor return.

You can find the Basic Digital Skills Survey here.

What’s in it for me?

  • We’re using CaptureIT and - to a lesser extent - the Basic Digital Skills survey alongside Learn My Way registrations and courses to get a picture of how many learners our centres are working with, and to help capture the real impact that the network is having.
  • Centres in receipt of Good Things Foundation funding have been awarded grants with targets for delivery. Funding is provided for learners who complete two basic online skills courses on Learn My Way, or are recorded as gaining four skills on CaptureIT. These make up the target set for the level of grant agreed. Please note - the Basic Online Skills survey is for non-funded centres who do not or cannot use the Learn My Way or CaptureIT.
  • We will be looking to fund more centres in future funding rounds, and those using the CaptureIT, or learning via Learn My Way - will likely be given preference in the application process.
  • CaptureIT also proves useful in helping you record your own activity, and prove your digital skills activity on a formal digital skills framework that’s recognised across the sector - great evidence for other prospective funders and stakeholders.

FAQs for funded centres

  1. When should I be using Learn My Way, when should I be using CaptureIT, and when should I be using the Basic Digital Skills Survey?
    Funded centres should be using a combination of Learn My Way (as usual), and adding additional milestones or non-Learn My Way learners via Capture IT.

    Centres who do not receive UK online centres funding can use a combination of all three tracking systems, depending on the style of their delivery and the needs of their learners. Please note that learners cannot be counted on more than one system.

  2. Tracking previous learners with CaptureIT - who is eligible?
    If you have learners that have started their learning prior to the 1st October they may be eligible if they’ve completed their basic online skills learning after 1st October within the Delivery Assurance Requirements. We would not expect to see large numbers come through in this way.
  3. Can we set up multiple centres against a tutor?
    No, a tutor cannot be linked to more than one centre. However centres can have more than one tutor. So if you're an organisation e.g. library service with multiple centres managed by one person you’ll need to create a tutor account for each centre or you could put learners into groups using CaptureIT e.g. name the group by location.
  4. What happens if a learner learns at various centres?
    We recommend that you register a new account with the learner and get in touch with us. Alternatively they can continue to their learning with their existing Learn My Way account but were are not able to alter the centre number. We don’t envisage that this will be a common problem.
  5. How can we amend or delete data in CaptureIT if we‘ve made a mistake?
    You have until midnight on the day that you’ve entered information onto CaptureIT for a particular learner to edit or delete information. If you want to edit or delete information after this time then you will need to get in touch with us.
  6. Can a tutor not registered on Learn My Way enter information on behalf of another tutor?
    No, but if you have additional tutors involved in supporting learners through this project they should register on Learn My Way and gain tutor admin access so they are registered against your centre.
  7. If you register a new person on LMW by entering their info through CaptureIT, and then they also want to do some learning through Learn My Way courses would you recommend we set up their password rather than them registering?
    Yes, but you must be with them when setting up their password.
  8. Capturing one to one informal support e.g. sitting next to someone helping them set up an email. Can you enter this into the CaptureIT system?
    Yes - please enter a teaching method & resource, providing detail of how the learner has gained the specific Basic online skills. Here are some examples of what we’d expect to see:
  9. • 1:1 support: Helped the learner to set up & access their account on UJM
    • Group session: Helped group to set up gmail accounts then practice emailing attachments to each other.
    • Group support: Helped people to complete an Aldi application form as part of a job club activity.

    Here are some examples that would come up as part of the Delivery Assurance Framework as being too vague and requiring further information:

    • Teaching handouts
    • Basic online learning
    • One to one session

  10. If we are managing multiple centres should we use one centre code or have multiple centre codes?
    You can deliver across a number of delivery locations and we can count this performance towards your targets. If you want to do this please send us a list of centre numbers so that we are aware that you are nesting this delivery. If you are delivering across multiple locations but only using one centre code, you’ll not be able to see where the delivery is coming from.
  11. What do we need to see to acknowledge the T&Cs ticked for each individual?
    Check with an individual their information is clear and correct at that time. Explain to the learner they are undertaking learning through a funded programme and explain how their information will be used e.g. shared only with us and BIS (funder).
  12. On the MI page - what does unique logins mean?
    Unique logins is the total number of individuals that have logged into their Learn My Way account in a given month. They may have registered in a previous month and they may have also logged in more than once to their Learn My Way account, but they will only show once in this column.
  13. Out of hours learning - how will that be monitored?
    Through Tinder’s Delivery Assurance Framework we will look at out of hours delivery within a wider picture of delivery within the network. Out of hours delivery is not a problem and we’ll only get in touch if there are other triggers. If you expect to deliver a large number of your contract out of hours please do get in touch with us and we’ll make sure its logged.
  14. What % would you expect to see against Capture IT and Learn My Way?
    All contracts have specific targets for registrations, Basic Online Skills completions and CaptureIT online tutor returns. Please contact the funding team if your targets are unclear.
  15. Resetting passwords - We have sequences we use to reset peoples passwords, will they come up through Good Things Foundation’s audit system?
    If you are resetting a high volume of learner passwords please get in touch with the funding team to let us know the reasons why. It’s not a problem if we are already aware and expect to see it.
  16. Is there a way we create a repository for learning materials to share amongst centres?
    This already exists within You can access this through the tutor admin section, and scrolling down to the bottom of the home page. You can add your own learning resources and also access other centres resources.
  17. How often does the management information update?
    The system updates overnight - for example learning activity done on a Monday will show in the management information reports on Tuesday.