Being A Get Online Week Social Media Star

20 Aug 2018

Staffordshire Libraries is a proud member of the Online Centres Network, supporting local people to use computers and the internet - and they especially love getting involved with our campaigns.

Lots of libraries in the Staffordshire area fall underneath the service’s umbrella, including Perton Library. They love participating in campaigns like Get Online Week, as it’s a great way to get learners through the door.

Stock Services and Activities Officer, Scott Whitehouse, says: “We have supported a number of campaigns over the years, making use of the excellent resources that Good Things Foundation sends to us.

“During Get Online Week 2016 and 2017, Staffordshire Libraries were successful in applying for Get Online Week funding and we were able to use the funds to support the promotion of our services, purchase new equipment and encourage people to access Learn My Way courses through information or formal sessions with tutors or IT Buddy volunteers. It was very valuable to us.”

Perton Library was a true social media star during the 2017 campaign.

Scott says: “The opportunity to connect on social media is brilliant for libraries like ours, as we can demonstrate our services beyond what people see as the traditional library offer.

“For Get Online Week we were delighted by all of the likes/favourites and retweets that we received and were especially thrilled to appear on the Get Online Week daily update email, which we were able to share with senior staff and councillors.”

Scott concludes: “Taking part in campaigns helps us to reach a wider audience, demonstrate our impact and value to those higher up in the council, and the learners really appreciate the help they receive during the campaign and beyond.”