Get Online Week: Kerry

10 Feb 2022

Kerry found herself in a difficult situation with debts mounting up, she was finding it hard to provide for her young son. After attending IT sessions provided by her housing provider in Walsall, Kerry, 30 however is now in control of her finances and has managed to become debt free.

Kerry tells us: “I was in quite a bit of debt - I had an overdraft in my bank which kept going up and up and up. The money was going in but it wasn’t balancing out. It was very difficult, I became a bit of an insomniac wondering if I would have enough money to feed my son”.

Through the Click Start programme delivered by Housing Association whg - a member of the Online Centres Network, Kerry started attending their free IT sessions. “My son’s school were handing out leaflets about the courses including the Click Start programme. It was a basic IT which went through emails, excel, word and online banking which was a major help for me”.

“Before I did the course, I was constantly not in balance. They helped me to set up an online bank account and from there I progressed. Now I manage my money a lot better. I’ve set up different bank accounts so I know what’s coming in and going out. I managed to save up enough to get rid of the overdraft completely”.

Kerry is now debt free and says “Even the slightest little things you can do in your day to day like using spreadsheets or online banking can help. You wouldn’t think having an app would help you but just having that helped me not be in debt!”

“It feels very good. If I didn’t do the IT course I would still be in the same position I was in before.”