Financial Capability Week

The week beginning 13 November 2017 is Financial Capability (FinCap) Week, and for members of the Online Centres Network, it’s the perfect time to highlight the work you do helping people with money management.

Here are just some of the ways that network members can get involved:


We’re also really proud of the work we’re doing with partners like Lloyds Banking Group, Comic Relief and the Money Advice Service to help people better manage their finances so do take a look and share some of these resources:

Money My Way
This area of the Learn My Way website brings together dozens of resources covering budgeting, benefits, dealing with debt and much more. It’s been curated to include the most reliable, trustworthy and expert information so it’s perfect for anyone struggling with different aspects of their finances.

Managing your money online - Learn My Way
This subject area of the website includes courses developed with our partners Lloyds Banking Group that can help people with not only the conveniences (and hazards) of online banking but also how to make money go further.