Get Online Week event registration is live

07 Aug 2018

Get Online Week is coming back and you can get involved! Register today, and help us to reach out to new people and make sure everyone in the UK has the chance to make the most of the internet.


Since 2006, the campaign has reached more than half a million people, helping them to find support to make the most of the internet. But there are still 11.3 million people who struggle online and 4.3 million people with no digital skills at all1.

That’s why Get Online Week 2018 is going to be the biggest yet.

We’re asking you to invite new people who need help accessing all the benefits the internet can offer to a special local event. It could be existing learners who are ready to take the next step to doing more online, or it could be new people who need help getting online for the first time.

If you've taken part before, you'll know that all you need is a venue, a few laptops or tablets and a friendly welcome.

And it doesn’t have to be scary - for you or them! This year, we’re once again saying Try 1 Thing. We think that giving just one new thing a go - whether that’s sending their first email, making their first video call or setting up internet banking - will open up the digital world and lead to great things.

We’ll help you promote your events with posters, leaflets, signage and more. We’ll even help you make a splash at your venue with balloons and treats for the people you help.

We’ll also share guides on how to shout about your event, how to engage with people unsure about getting online, and what to talk about once you have their ear.

“Taking part in Get Online Week helps us to reach a wider audience, demonstrate our impact and value, and build skills, confidence, and aspiration.”
Scott Whitehouse, Staffordshire Libraries

To register as a Get Online Week event holder and order your event pack - or just to find out more - simply head to

1. Lloyds Banking Group UK Consumer Digital Index 2018.