Good Ideas Prize

22 Mar 2017

Fancy winning £200 for your centre?

We hear a lot about the word ‘innovation’ these days. Here at Good Things Foundation, we see innovation as those good ideas that Online Centres have (and the things you do as a result) all the time - the ones that help a particular learner or group of learners get engaged, the ones that support your wider community, or the ones that help you to do things more efficiently.

To recognise all your good ideas we’re launching a competition: the Good Ideas Prize! We have 10 prizes of £200 up for grabs and here’s how you can enter…

You can enter the competition by writing 500 words describing your tried and tested idea, under the following headings:

  • The problem or issue you faced
  • What you tried out and why you think it worked
  • What happened as a result

We want to hear about the ideas that have worked for you. There are no right or wrong ideas - you are the experts in what you do, so tell us what you’ve already tried out and what works. 

Remember: what you do on a day to day basis may not seem like innovation to you, but it’s approaches like yours that can make all the difference in the real world to other members of the Online Centres Network.

Simple examples we’ve heard about before have included: 

  • Centres working with unpaid carers that, to promote engagement with their activities, have changed the wording on posters and marketing materials to recognise that many family members or friends of people being cared for don’t associate with the word ‘carer’;
  • A centre that removed unnecessary icons from their tablets and iPads to simplify the interface for outreach work with people with dementia

Submit your 500 words by 5pm on Friday 7th April using the Google form below, if you have any supplementary images or video you can send them to -

We will be announcing the winners on our website and via our social media channels after Easter. Good luck!

Competition now closed