Google Digital Garage Engagement Grants - Portsmouth and the South East

10 Oct 2019

Applications are now open for grants to help Online Centres in Portsmouth and the South East to engage with the Google Digital Garage in the city, for the benefit of their learners, volunteers and staff.


Good Things Foundation is proud to be working with to support 30,000 limited users of the internet to gain the confidence they need to thrive online.

As part of this project, we’re managing the delivery of the Google Digital Garage in Portsmouth, and we're inviting Online Centres to submit ideas for up to £1,760 of funding that would see them:

  • Engage with the Google Digital Garage and connect with the Digital Garage Coaches.
  • Run an activity that will benefit learners, volunteers or staff.
  • Contribute to the legacy of the Portsmouth Google Digital Garage once it has closed.

The activity must lead to a positive outcome that can be evidenced once the Digital Garage has closed, in an attempt to add longevity to the Garages presence in the area.

As experts in supporting people in the South East, you have the insight into what works when embedding provision into the local community. We are willing to fund a variety of different creative ideas.

To apply, please start by reading the following two documents thoroughly:

Apply here