New centre survey is live - but what are we learning?

03 Jan 2017

The Quarter 3 Centre Survey is now available for you to complete. We want to hear your thoughts on a range of things, including your opinion on our new websites, your work with large employers, and what you think about the support we provide to you.

The survey allows us to find out what you - the Online Centres Network - think and the results go a long way in helping us to make sure that our products and services are the best they possibly can be to help you support your learners through their digital journey.

And to prove your feedback really is important to us, here’s a quick overview of just some of what we discovered from the last survey:

  • We asked you about your thoughts on volunteers and you told us that:
    • 83% of you use volunteers
    • 47% of you would like more support from corporate volunteers
    • The top roles that volunteers provide at centres are:
      • supporting people with basic digital skills
      • providing employability support
      • administration

With the above, we'll be looking into how we can help centres recruit more volunteers to support with specific tasks.

  • We also asked you about the support you receive from us and your opinion on network membership. You told us that:
    • 85% of you are satisfied with the support received from our Business Support team
    • 95% of you are satisfied with being part of the Online Centres Network
    • We asked you what else we could help you with. You gave us lots of feedback, including more local meetings with other centres - which we’re asking more about in this quarter’s survey - and worksheets for sessions and more support for delivery.

Over the next few months, our Learning Team is going to be working closely with centres to develop session plans to help support their delivery. Watch this space.

  • You also told us that 61% of you help charities or SMEs to improve their digital capability. The most common support that centres are providing is basic digital skills training, social media training and marketing and communication support.

This information is invaluable in helping us to broker new partnerships with national organisations, helping us to secure exciting new funding opportunities by demonstrating the capabilities of the network.

  • We also asked you to select a new course idea, that you think will help you to support your learners.

The most popular options were:

  • Information/media literacy: knowing whether online information is reliable and how to tell who to trust
  • Taking control of online life: understanding how digital affects you and how much of your life it takes up, online life skills, considering whether you are 'over sharing’ and dealing with trolls.

Look out for more info on how you can get involved in helping us shape content on Learn My Way soon.

We’re looking forward to seeing the results of the Quarter 3 Centre Survey already. You can access the survey here, and don’t forget, if you’re an unfunded centre and complete the survey before midnight on Friday 24 February, you’ll automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new iPad Air.

Survey FAQs and T&Cs.