The Online Centres Network: achieving more together

17 Oct 2017

Today we’re delighted to launch two exciting new videos all about you, the Online Centres Network, and the amazing impact that you have on individuals and communities every day.

With membership of the Online Centres Network increasing all the time, our first video aims to expand our big club with a shared vision - targeted at community organisations who are not yet a part of the network but are thinking about joining. We hope it will be a powerful tool in bringing even more dedicated and inspirational members on board.

Since 2010, Good Things Foundation and the Online Centres Network have worked together to reach those most in need and to-date we have helped over 2 million people to gain vital digital skills. We think it’s important that all of your hard work and the amazing impact you have is recognised. That’s why the second video is all about you and the incredible things that you do to help people.

We hope you enjoy these videos and please do feel free to share them on your social media channels to spread the word about the Online Centres Network and the vital work that you do.