The start of a new era!

23 Nov 2016

If you came here expecting to find UK online centres, you’ll notice things are looking a little different. That’s because today sees the launch of this, one of two new websites, as well as a new brand for Tinder Foundation and a new look for the UK online centres network.

From today, Tinder Foundation is Good Things Foundation.


1. A new name for Tinder Foundation

Make good things happen with digital technology is something that’s occupied us for the past decade and more. The landscape we’ve been working in has been changing rapidly and we’re extending our work to focus not just on digital skills and inclusion, but on the impact technology can have on solving social challenges.

Now it’s time to be clearer about who we are - and who we’re not.

It’s been fun at times to break the ice with: “No, not that Tinder." But the confusion hasn't helped us connect with everyone in the right way.

We’re focused on improving lives through digital. So now we’re putting it at the very core of how we connect with the world, as Good Things Foundation.

2. A new focus for the network

With our focus on the future, we’re also rebadging and repositioning UK online centres as the Online Centres Network, to allow us to focus on the huge impact you can have working together with each other, and with the communities that you support.

We’ll still be providing the same support to you, the Online Centres Network, including accurate data and MI, high quality training, support and resources, and the chance to take part in national programmes, campaigns and initiatives that have a real impact. The new Online Centres Network website will help us to do this even more effectively.

From talking to you, and our partners, stakeholders and funders who value you so highly, it’s clear that being part of a network is key to what makes the Online Centres Network so successful - sharing ambitions and challenges, and working together to achieve a common aim. We'll be working hard to make sure that you feel this 'network effect'.

3. New websites to support you and to tell our story

Along with these two changes, come two brand new websites: (replacing
and (replacing

We think these sites will help us better tell the story about the work we do using digital to address social challenges, and the impact we have working together.

We also believe the new network website will be a huge improvement, helping you find the information, resources and support you need, in a way that’s clearer and easier than ever before, so you can keep on doing amazing work.

Having said that, the websites will also be constantly evolving, and we’ll rely on your feedback to keep improving them, so please do tell us what you like, what you don’t and what’s missing.

We know that you’re likely to have a few questions about these changes, suggestions about where we can go from here and maybe a few concerns - and we want to hear all of them. A lot of us are out of the office at our conference today - Thursday 24 November. If you're here do come and chat to us. If not, please email, or give us a call on Friday.