We need you

06 Dec 2016

During our Digital Evolution: Social Revolution conference we were presented with an 'Inspiring Learning for All' award for our activities throughout Learning At Work Week earlier this year. It was a tremendous achievement and we really couldn't have done it without you. 

We received the award with Centre Partners Ivi from North Somerset Training and Paul from Destinations@Saltburn - both of whom presented webinars for us during Learning at Work Week.

Presenting a webinar to the rest of the Online Centres Network is a really good way to promote your activities and increase your reputation, and we're currently looking for volunteers to get involved and talk about their most valued digital tools. 

Maybe you use Twitter for centre promotion, build websites using Wordpress, or use Grammarly to spell check your emails? Whichever one it is, if you use a digital tool to make your life easier, please do get in touch with us to share your digital tool knowledge with your fellow centres.