Winter delight or leftover mince pie?

12 Dec 2016

Written by Kevin Maye

If the proof of the pudding is in the eating and we should do to others as we’d have them do to us, then by mixed metaphor, how do we know if we made Learn My Way an angel cake or an Eton mess?


We’ve developed Learn My Way, and while we hope people will be using it to get online at home, we know that it's mostly used by digital champions and tutors in Online Centres to help people get online.

So to go back to those metaphors shouldn’t we be eating our own pudding? Actually going into a real Online Centre, with real learners and helping them get online for the first time.

Once we said it out loud, we realised that it would teach us a lot. We’d face the same problems that our centres face every day. We’d see first hand what worked and what didn’t. We’re very likely to see what we need to fix first with Learn My Way.

So where to start? Firstly, we looked at what we’d want to teach in a short programme. How long should sessions be? How many would we need? What technology would we need? Who would deliver the sessions?

We quickly realised that while we should work on what we think is an ideal programme, for venues and marketing we’d need a local partner. Luckily, we’ve got a brilliant network of centres and one near us in Sheffield has come up trumps. When we tried to write down what we’d put in an ‘ideal’ programme it hit home that there isn’t one size that fits all. A program for a job seeker needs to differ to the program for a pensioner, which needs to differ for a single mum, which... well you get the picture.

We also quickly realised that if we planned the best way to teach things, they wouldn’t always be how we do things on Learn My Way. Learn My Way is great, we think it’s the best online learning option for many things, but if we’re in the room with someone, we could do some things better.

Now we’ve got our partnerships in place and a schedule is coming together, so the nerves are kicking in.

We’ll be starting to deliver sessions in January. As we work through the preparation and delivery we’re looking to learn from and share our experiences, so stay tuned for updates. Will our program be a warming winter delight or a leftover mince pie?