Centre brings Hope to Liverpool man with paranoid schizophrenia

15 Dec 2017

A Liverpool electrician has been visiting his local Online Centre to help him overcome paranoid schizophrenia - and he’s been learning a few digital skills along the way.

David, 39, from St Helen's, has worked as an electrician all his life, but personal problems mean he's, unfortunately, found himself unemployed.

"I suffer from paranoid schizophrenia," explains David. "When it comes to interacting with other people it gets too much for me and because of that I'm now out of work."

David heard about The Hope Centre - an Online Centre based in Merseyside and a participant of Good Things Foundation's Reboot UK project. He decided to go along and get help to build up computer skills for his CV and try to overcome his paranoid schizophrenia by mixing with other people.

He says: "When I was an electrician I used computers a lot but that was many years ago and my knowledge was very limited. I looked at the sessions and decided to go along to a class, mainly so that I could be around other people and conquer my paranoid schizophrenia.

"I was so anxious about attending the first session. I was worried that the paranoia would get the better of me but I quickly became comfortable because nothing was forced upon me. I was able to work at my own pace."

Even though David only goes to the centre once a week (due to the huge demand for places in the different classes) his knowledge has come on leaps and bounds and he's now able to send emails from his tablet device to his dad.

"I feel really good with what I've been able to achieve so far," explains David. "I've been telling my girlfriend and she's really happy for me. I've surprised myself with the computer classes because I never thought I'd be able to get myself along to them, never mind actually learn something new."

David would like to continue going to The Hope Centre and encourages anyone else living with a mental health issue to get themselves along to their local Online Centre too.

He says: "If I wasn't coming to The Hope Centre, I would be sat on my own at home all day watching TV. It gets me out and about, meeting people. I'd say to anyone else who struggles with paranoia and anxiety to give it a go. It helps you to come out of your shell and interact socially.

"Mixing with different people at the Centre has helped me with my paranoia for sure. It's been really good for me."