Colleen: getting digital and keeping in touch with family

04 Jan 2019

Colleen Russ, 88, has been learning how to keep in touch with faraway family at outreach sessions with her local Online Centre A1 Community Works.

Colleen first popped along to Tanya and Karon from A1 Community Works' sessions because her daughters had been trying to encourage her to use WhatsApp and video calls to keep in touch with them. One of her daughters was especially keen as she is currently working in Kenya and missing home, and she wanted to be able to chat to her mum.

Colleen's friend Pat has also been using the internet to keep in touch with family in other parts of the world, and we interviewed them together, as part of Get Online Week 2018, about their new skills...

Colleen told us: "If you don't use a computer these days you're going to be left behind. If you don't understand them you've had it.

"No one will laugh at you when you first start. Life's for living no matter how old we are!"