Learn My Way course helps volunteer get clued up on online safety

31 Jan 2018

An Online Centre volunteer in Doncaster has been boosting her own internet security skills as well as her learners’ thanks to an online safety course from Good Things Foundation and TalkTalk.

Online safety is an ongoing concern amongst internet users, with 20% of those in the UK saying they’re worried about security and fraud (Ofcom’s Media Use and Attitudes Report 2017).

In 2016, Good Things Foundation and TalkTalk teamed up to try and quash some of these fears by creating an online course, Staying Safe in Your Digital World, teaching Learn My Way users how to stay safe and secure online.

Originally from Hong Kong, Louise Biggins is a volunteer at Doncaster Ethnic Minority Regeneration Partnership (DEMRP). She’s been using the course with her learners but decided to give it a go herself.

Louise says: “I’ve received a couple of calls from scammers before. One was trying to access my computer and the other was asking me about my bank details.

“On both occasions, I felt something was wrong. I told them I wasn’t going to do what they were asking and I hung up. They knew information about me though and it was very convincing.”

Following these incidents, Louise completed the course to refresh her skills and find out more about how she could keep her information safe.

She says: “One of the best things about the course is that it reminds you of the essentials. You might have come across the idea of a telephone scam before, but it’s not necessarily at the forefront of your mind.

“The course reinforces that you shouldn’t give any personal information to someone that you don’t trust. You should always be vigilant with your bank details and your security information.

“Sometimes, the scammers are really convincing, so you should always be questioning these things.”

Louise thinks the course is ideal for both beginners and as a refresher.

She says: “I think it’s good because even if you already know it, the course reminds you and if you haven’t got any experience online, it’s essential to learn.

"I would recommend the course to other people because it’s such an important thing to know about and no matter how clued up you think you are, there’s always more to learn.

"The course has definitely helped me become more vigilant and if a scammer contacts me again, I’ll know what to look out for and will be able to keep my information safe and secure.”