A year in the life of Good Things Foundation: 2016-17 Annual Review

25 Jul 2017

We’re proud to mark 12 months of achievements - and celebrate the impact those achievements have had on the people we support - with the launch of our 2016/17 Annual Review.

Looking back over the year, we were hugely pleased to see how much we’d achieved with the help of our partners across the public, commercial and community sectors.

Digital inclusion continued to be the mainstay of our work, with projects and programmes delivered for a range of government departments, local authorities and corporate partners.

The 240,000 people we helped in the last year means we’ve now helped 2 million people gain basic digital skills since 2010. We were very proud to celebrate this with an award ceremony for a handful of those inspirational people.

In other areas, we crystalised the passion we’ve always had for social inclusion - supported by digital - with a renewed focus on the social outcomes of our work.

Along with our English My Way ESOL programme, the Reboot UK project has seen us help some of the most excluded and isolated people in the UK, such as homeless people and those struggling with mental health or addiction problems, turn their lives around.

This is a very small selection of just some of the ways in which we’ve been able to help people access the technology that so many of us take for granted and which changes lives every day.

To find out more about our work over the last year - and our plans for the future - take a look at the Good Things Foundation Annual Review today.