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Learn My Way - for learners

Learn My Way is the online learning website provided by Good Things Foundation for Online Centres Network learners, and it's designed to make getting online easy.

It’s perfect for those without basic online skills, or for those looking to improve their existing digital knowledge. The website comprises a series of free online courses, guides, and activities, tailored to the individual user based on their needs and abilities.

Learn My Way courses are grouped by subject into a series of packages:

Using your computer or device
Learn about using a computer or mobile devices such as a phone or tablet.

Online basics
How to search and explore the internet, keep in touch with email, and use public services online - all while being safe and secure.

More internet skills
This subject is designed to make sure you’re confident with everything you might need to do on the internet, including online shopping and social media.

Online safety
If you are using the internet you may need to think about staying safe online.

Finding a job online
Finding and applying for jobs can be tough, but learning how to search and apply for jobs online will make the process much easier and open up more opportunities for you.

Improving your health online
There are lots of ways you can use the internet to support your health.

Managing your money online
Finances can be tricky, but this subject will help you learn how to do budgeting, banking, and shopping online in a safe and easy way.

Public services online
Find out information about public services and save time and money by visiting local and national government websites.

Each subject group is also supplemented with a series of additional resources from other websites to help users consolidates their skills and find the information they need to learn more.


Learn My Way - for tutors

As an Online Centres Network tutor, you’ll be able to use Learn My Way for both your own learning and development and to monitor and manage the learning of the people you support.

Our ‘How to be a Digital Champion’ course is a piece of engaging online learning developed to help those who are - or want to - support people to gain basic digital skills. Staff, tutors and volunteers can also establish and improve their functional skills with our numeracy and literacy assessments.

Learner management
In the learner management area of the site you can use our learner management tool Capture IT to log the activity you have done with learners that wasn’t done via Learn My Way.

We know that Learn My Way courses aren’t suitable for all learners, and while not all Online Centres use it, they’re still helping people to gain digital skills using other tools. It’s vital we capture that activity to prove to digital inclusion funders and stakeholders the depth and breadth of what the Online Centres Network can do. That's why we created the CaptureIT online tutor return.

CaptureIT not only lets you log the people you support regardless of the tools, courses or resources they use to learn. It could be Learn My Way, BBC Webwise or even resources and lesson plans you’ve developed yourself.

Because you can see the progress of these learners in the Management Information we make available in your centre, using CaptureIT means you’re able to clearly and simply log, measure and demonstrate the impact you have increasing digital inclusion in your community.

Speak to your Network Specialist to make sure your Learn My Account provides tutor access.

The Learn My Way quality promise

We ask that any Online Centre using Learn My Way follows the three promises below:

  1. Talk to the learner before they start their journey to find out if Learn My Way is the right level for them.
  2. Find out what skills the learner already has and support them with the courses that will help them with any gaps in their knowledge.
  3. Allow the learners to progress at a pace that is comfortable for them, whilst keeping them on track with their learning. 

Watch our video for some top tips on how one Online Centre delivers digital skills sessions using Learn My Way.