Learning Tools - Learn My Way

Learn My Way is the online learning website provided by Good Things Foundation for National Digital Inclusion Network learners, and it's designed to make getting online easy.

It’s perfect for those without basic online skills, or for those looking to improve their existing digital knowledge. The website comprises a series of free online courses, guides, and activities, tailored to the individual user based on their needs and abilities.

National standards for essential digital skills and Learn My Way
Details of how each topic in Learn My Way is mapped to one or more of the foundation or entry level national standards. This will help you support learners working towards an Essential Digital Skills qualification or a Digital Functional Skills qualification.

Registering on Learn My Way
This short video explains the registration process for creating a Learn My Way account. It highlights what information you need to register and how to verify your account.

Learn My Way accessibility guidance
This guide provides a few ways to adapt your phone or your computer to make it easier to use. It also provides an overview of the main screen readers and talking browsers, providing a voice over feature to Learn My Way.

Learning resources

Here are some resources that you can use to further the learning of the people you support.

Entry level resources
Websites and services that you can trust to help build upon the basics, helping people learn even more. These resources are mapped to each subject on Learn My Way.

Further learning resources for life and work
Take learning beyond Learn My Way with these Level 1 learning resources. Free courses and tools to help you improve the skills people already have, taking a positive step forward in their work.

Learning guides

You can use these example, blended learning guides to help someone get the most out of Learn My Way. They contain extra activities and ways to practise skills covered in the topics.

Using a keyboard

Using a mouse

Using a touchscreen

Using a computer

Using the internet

Being safe online

Using email

Video calling

The NHS website

Finding a job online

Office programs

Creating documents

Creating spreadsheets

Example session plan

Sometimes you may want more than a short learning guide. This example session plan suggests a 1 hour, blended learning session, incorporating topics from Learn My Way and offline activities. Feel free to use it as it is, adapt it to your own needs or use it as a template for your own sessions.

Session plan: Safety and security online


These certificate templates offer a flexible way to recognise individual learning achievements. You can award them at any time, for completion of any number of topics or subjects. The first version is a standard PDF, ideal for printing and completing by hand. The second version contains text boxes which can be edited in an internet browser. In order to edit the certificate, please make sure you download it as a PDF before trying to edit it.

Learn My Way certificate template

Learn My Way certificate template with text boxes

Tracking learner progress

This spreadsheet can be used to record and retain learner records for Learn My Way. You can record the learning progress of up to 36 learners, and retain learner data for people who have finished learning on Learn My Way. After opening the spreadsheet, select File, then Download to save a copy.

Learn My Way Tracker

Background on the current version of Learn My Way

Most of the learning content of the current version of Learn My Way is similar to the previous version, it might just look a little different and be reworded slightly. In addition to refreshing the learning content there are also some functional changes.

Learn My Way version comparison
An explanation of how the current version of Learn My Way differs from the previous version, and the reasons for those differences.

Learn My Way structure
Details of how the courses and topics of the previous version of Learn My Way map to the subjects and topics of the current version.