Specialist Networks

Within the Online Centres Network there are 5 specialist networks made up of organisations that are experts in supporting certain target groups, or certain areas of delivery.

If you’re a specialist in working in one of the below areas, we’d encourage you to join one of these specialist networks. Benefits include: 

  • Specialist training and sharing of best practice
  • Receiving relevant Policy news from Good  Things Foundation
  • Getting to hear about relevant events in your area of expertise
  • More frequent contact from us
  • Consultation when writing specialist bids
  • Getting to hear first about funding opportunities from Good Things Foundation

You can join any of our specialist networks by following the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Our Specialist Networks

Housing & Homelessness

This network is for centres working in social housing and / or supporting homeless people. From helping tenants to get online, to training staff as Digital Champions, the housing and homelessness sector is tackling digital exclusion in many ways. Members of this network can access expert and peer advice, resources, models and potential funding opportunities.


ESOL Network

This network is for centres which support learners to improve their English language skills, building integration in communities and helping people to become less isolated and have greater employment prospects.


Health and Wellbeing Network

Our Specialist Health Network offers support and advice on using computers and the internet to manage health and well-being. It provides friendly places in local communities for people to learn about NHS.UK, research local health services and more.



Employability Network

Through specially designed courses and specialist resources, this network provides friendly places in local communities for people to learn how to search and apply for jobs online, complete CVs and prepare for interviews.


Learn My Way

This network is a little different from the others. If your organisation uses Learn My Way regularly, you'll be enrolled automatically - and receive all of the above benefits. This is an easy way for us to recognise the Online Centres that most frequently use our tools to help people with their digital skills.



Specialist Network Management Tool

How to signup to a specialist network

Below you can sign your centre up to a specialist network by following these steps:

  1. Click the 'Application' button and select your organisation from the drop down list
  2. Select the specialist network you wish to join
  3. Agree to six default commitments and provide additional commitments if you feel your organisation offers specialised services.
  4. Click 'Submit' and we will review your application.

Reviewing current memberships

Please click the memberships button and you will be able to see a list of your centres and their current memberships

Expired memberships

If you have any expired memberships they will appear in an alert box below