Post-election resources

As you’ll know, the 2019 general election returned a majority Conservative government. Have a read of our New Government blog to find out more about what this means for digital inclusion and the Online Centres Network.

Now that the election has taken place, it’s a great opportunity to congratulate your MP and invite them to your centre for a visit. There are many reasons to engage with your MP:

  • To gain publicity and secure support for your activities.
  • To raise awareness throughout your area, and increase fundraising potential.
  • To connect the people supported in your centre with their elected representative.
  • To make connections and expand your network, which may allow you to improve your services.

So how can you help bridge the digital divide, and build that relationship along the way?

Send them a letter. Explain what you do, and where possible, provide case studies from your centre along with some statistics about your reach and impact. Make it relevant to them by making it local - we have a template letter you can personalise here.

Invite them to your centre. Invite them to an event or for a visit where they can see the impact you have on the local community for themselves. Take photos for social media, tag them in your post - and remember to use the #BridgingtheDigitalDivide hashtag.

Do let us know if you make contact at