Everyone Connected

Everyone Connected (formerly DevicesDotNow) is a project aiming to improve people's quality of life that has been made harder during the Covid-19 pandemic through lack of access to digital technology and skills training.

We aim to support the 1.9 million offline households in the UK by supplying devices and connectivity. During the COVID-19 crisis this equipment will enable them to:

  • access accurate health information online,
  • interact with medical support,
  • use essential services,
  • stay socially connected.

Community partners or the ‘centres’, are critical to the success of Everyone Connected. As trusted partners in the community, you are invited to collaborate in this programme. If you want to take part, your role includes:

  • receiving the device
  • set up the device with key links and resources,
  • distributing the device, usually on foot, to known excluded people in your community,
  • helping the recipient to set it up and continue to use it throughout the lockdown period and beyond.

We are delighted so many community organisations continue to provide services and support, despite closing their doors. Thank you, as always, for your dedication to digital inclusion.

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Everyone Connected Case Studies

You may wish to view existing case studies to see how the Everyone Connected project has already helped others. You will find case study examples on Good Things Foundation youtube channel


Firoozeh Simali

Florence Mable Clough

Individual’s Stories:


Ron Roper

Online Center Quotes

“Organisations are using the devices to provide all kinds of support to the recipients, not just digital skills support: ESOl, Employability, Immigration and Universal Credit applications”. Hayley - Learn for Life (Sheffield, UK)

Get Involved:

Existing members of the Online Centre Network can complete get involved by completing this Expression of Interest Form

You are invited to use the Case Study Form to report your work with individual recipients of devices.