Accenture - Future Proof: Skills for Work

Good Things Foundation is delighted to partner with Accenture on the Future Proof: Skills for Work programme. The aim of the programme is to engage and support 1,400 people to re-skill and be ready for future jobs, as digital technology continues to change our jobs and workplace.

In order to count as a fundable completion for the programme, a learner must complete a baseline and an impact survey. You can help the learner to do this if they don't have the skills to do so themselves.

To register a learner/start of their journey, please complete the Learner Baseline Survey. 

To record a completion for a learner, please complete the Learner Impact Survey either when they stop receiving support from you, or six weeks after completing the baseline survey (whichever comes sooner).

This is an exciting, exploratory project which will deliver:

  • Re-skilling opportunities to 1,400 people across the UK
  • Resources for participating Online Centres to improve their role in re-skilling local people
  • A practical toolkit, and a policy research report, based on evaluation findings

The primary objective of the project is to engage and support people with low digital skills to build their confidence, capability and resilience with digital at a baseline level, underpinning progression into work or progression at work.

Future Proof: Skills for Work Documentation