It's time to celebrate English My Way!

emw_campaign_logo.pngGood Things Foundation wants to say thank you to everyone who’s used English My Way to help 18,000 people improve their English skills since 2014. We’ll be celebrating in style and we want you to join the party!

During the week beginning 5 March 2018, we’ll be helping the Online Centres that deliver English My Way to throw local parties which celebrate their staff, volunteers and learners - and everything English My Way has helped them achieve. You could:

  • Invite old and new learners back to your centre - as well as the tutors and volunteers who have helped make it possible - to say well done to everyone who’s started improving their language skills with English My Way
  • Build stronger relationships with local partners, like colleges, the council and Jobcentre Plus by inviting them along to the party too!

We’ll provide everything you need to celebrate English My Way at your centre.  Brand new signage, marketing materials, treats for your team and learners, and new resources to help you promote your English My Way achievements locally, will help you make a splash!

Social During our week of celebrating English My Way, we’ll use social media to share some amazing stories about the difference the programme is made to people’s lives - and we want you to do the same!

In your party packs, we’ve included a big laminated speech bubble. We’d like you to ask English My Way learners, old and new, to write on the bubble, telling us something that they can now do because of their improved English language skills.

Then all you need to do, is snap a quick photo and post it on Twitter or Facebook with hashtag #EnglishMyWay!

Not sure what we mean? Don’t worry, here are a few ideas from us!

We know not everyone is happy having their photo taken or having it on social media. If that’s the case, you don’t have to include their face in the pic or you can nominate a volunteer or tutor to hold the bubble on their behalf.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to use a whiteboard/ drywipe marker so you can wipe the message off!


Pull up banners


Perfect for reception areas, classrooms, exhibition stands and more, these portable banners can help you advertise your English My Way classes. There are multiple versions so you can appeal to your local audience. Have them professionally printed locally or using a service such as Vistaprint or Hatch. Shop around for the best price!


Why are we doing this?

You’ve all done amazing work and helped thousands of people. By shouting about your achievements with English My Way, you can raise your profile with people and organisations in your community and reach even more people, helping them feel more included and connected to their communities by improving their English.

If you’d like more information about hosting an English My Way party, please do get in touch with your Network Co-Ordinator at 0114 349 1666 - or simply sign up with the form above!