HMCTS - Digital Support Pilot

Online Centres will support people through assisted digital support as they use online HMCTS services, including:.

  • Civil Money Claims
  • Divorce
  • Probate
  • Social Security and Child Support
  • Single Justice System (eg. TfL fines)
  • Help with Fees

At the end of Phase 3, we conducted an implementation review of the Digital Support pilot, and from September 2020, the pilot will be extended for a further 12 months. The findings from the implementation review of the face-to-face pilot between September 2017 and August 2020 have helped to inform the design of Phase 4 of the pilot.

As a result of Covid-19, centres have also needed to adjust their models to allow for remote delivery and our final Phase will take into consideration these changes.

By the end of the project we aim to have fully tested the Digital Support service, its impact and cost effectiveness, enabling HMCTS to make decisions about further delivery and scaling within the courts and tribunals model of the future.

The 23 community partners participating in Phase 4 of the pilot are:

  • Bangladesh Youth and Community Shomiti
  • Bristol Law Centre
  • Bromley by Bow Centre
  • Cheadle Citizens Advice
  • Citizens Advice Denbighshire
  • Citizens Advice Halton
  • Citizens Advice Torfaen
  • Community Advice and Law Service Leicestershire
  • Community Law Service (Northampton and County)
  • Cyngor ar Bopeth Gwynedd Citizens Advice
  • Hackney Cooperative Developments
  • Kensington Community Learning Centre
  • Norfolk Community Law Service
  • North and West Gloucestershire Citizens Advice
  • Nottingham Law Centre
  • Plymouth Citizens Advice
  • Raise
  • Smartlyte
  • St Pauls Advice Centre
  • Support Through Court (Manchester)
  • The Legal Advice Centre (University House)
  • Wai Yin Society

An introduction to Assisted Digital

HMCTS: Divorce service webinar (Part 1: Application)

HMCTS: Divorce service webinar (Part 2: Responses to Decree Nisi)

The divorce service has now added an additional functionality to allow users to apply and respond to their decree nisi.

The main changes are:

  • Once the case is listed for a Decree Nisi hearing, rather than receiving an email with the hearing and time on, they will receive an email advising them to log into their account and view the information online.
  • Once the Decree Nisi has been pronounced by a Judge, the citizen will receive an email advising them to log into their account where they will be able to view and download the Decree Nisi order.
  • When logging into their account the citizen will be able to view a progress bar which informs them at what stage their divorce application is at.

This video demonstrates the additional functionality.

HMCTS: Divorce service webinar (Updates to the Decree Nisi service)

HMCTS: Probate service webinar

HMCTS: Single Justice Service webinar

HMCTS: Personal Independence Payment (PIP) webinar

HMCTS: Help with fees

HMCTS: CaptureIT