Make It Click

Currently, over 7 million people in the UK are online but not getting enough from the internet, and aren’t improving their digital skills. Compared to people who are not online at all, they are more likely to be seeking work or in low-paid employment.

Make It Click aims to support people who often don’t receive support or fall through the gaps. We’re building their confidence, helping them learn new skills, and supporting them to achieve positive employment outcomes.


Thanks to a grant from, the philanthropy arm of Google, we’re building a new offer of support for people who are online but only use the internet in a limited way.

Through the grant from, Good Things Foundation is:

  • Creating new Make It Click tools and learning approaches for community organisations to support ‘limited’ users of the internet
  • Providing funding for community organisations to deliver Make It Click, using these new tools and learning approaches
  • Designing and testing a new Make It Click campaign to reach ‘limited’ users and encourage them to take the next step to improve their digital skills.

Make It Click will support thousands of people over the term of the grant, through which we’ll learn about the best approaches to reach and support limited users. Ultimately, investment from is helping Good Things Foundation and the Online Centres Network support even more people to benefit from the digital world.

The funded delivery aspect of Make It Click was previously know as Everyone Thrives Online.


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