(MAS) Financial Inclusion Project

Money Advice Service (MAS) Financial Inclusion Project Working in partnership with Toynbee Hall and the University of Sheffield, Good Things Foundation (funded by the Money Advice Service) are undertaking a research project that aims to support 720 individuals to improve their financial capability during 2017.

The project seeks to test the following question: The ability to transact online can reduce the poverty premium. Are individuals receiving financial capability support better able to transact online if they are also supported to undertake a live transaction online?

This will be tested by comparing the outcomes of two different financial capability interventions, which over the course of the project will be delivered to 720 participants, by 18 Online Centres. The project targets the ‘struggling’ segment of the working-age population identified by the Money Advice Service in its analysis for the UK Financial Capability Strategy.

Project partner and financial capability experts Toynbee Hall are designing the learning materials for the interventions, whilst project partner University of Sheffield are providing research expertise and statistical analysis support.

Please see the below information to help you with the delivery of the programme. (This will be updated regularly throughout the life of the project.)