Digital You

From 2017-2020, Good Things Foundation worked with Salford City Council on a landmark and trailblazing digital inclusion project across the city to help the most disadvantaged residents gain the confidence and capability to become independent users of computers and the internet.

The programme worked with Salford-based community organisations to support almost 8,000 Salford residents over two years, 80% of whom were facing social exclusion. Residents were engaged in digital through local community settings and helped to develop basic digital skills and confidence.

23% of adults in Salford lack basic digital skills - which is above the national average. These people are likely to be socially excluded as well as digitally excluded. The programme helped this audience to improve their lives by using digital to take control of health and wellbeing online, searching for jobs online, benefiting from financial savings available online and using Council digital services online.

The future of Digital You

The model was focused firmly on sustainability, laying the foundations for digital inclusion activity to continue beyond the end of the programme. As such, the programme is still active through Salford City Council, activating a network of community-based organisations in Salford, to create a movement for change across the city.

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