Reboot UK support helps Grimsby resident cope with stress and depression

Carly Smith, 36, from Grimsby, has been visiting a women’s group at her local Online Centre as part of Good Things Foundation’s Reboot UK project and has found the support invaluable.

Carly first visited CPO Media after it was recommended to her by the Jobcentre.

She explains: "I decided to come along because it sounded good and I thought that it would help me get out of the house. Because of my depression I often just can't face the day. That's how depression makes you feel."

As well as depression, Carly also suffers from stress. Because of what she's going through, sadly her children have been removed from her care.

Carly was really nervous about going to the Centre at first, but since she initially set foot through the door, she's found attending CPO Media enjoyable. It's even helped her to become more positive.

Carly explains: "The group helps me to get out more. If I wasn't coming here I'd probably still be in my bed feeling moped and thinking about how much I don't want to go out or do anything. It's not just the days I'm at the centre either, it gives me a little bit of a boost on other days too."

The group at CPO Media - learners, staff and volunteers - provide real support to each other and for Carly, that support is vital.

"I don't know if I'm more confident now," she explains. "The stress still really gets to me and I have my on and off days. What it has done though is given me ideas for the future. People have said that because of the situation with my children and my experience with stress and depression, that I should become a social worker or a councillor and help other people who are going through the same thing. I really like that idea, so my goal is to try and go to college to do a course in that. I think I'll have to build my confidence up a bit more first though. For now, I really enjoy coming here and I'd advise anyone else thinking of doing so to come along."