HMRC Digital Inclusion Pilot Findings

Published: 1st Apr 2016

HMRC have invested £680,000 in 2015-16 through the HMRC Digital Inclusion Pilot to enhance HMRC service provision and outcomes for HMRC customers through joining up with, and adding value to, the Future Digital Inclusion (FDI) programme funded by the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) and managed by Tinder Foundation. The objectives of the HMRC Digital Inclusion Pilot were to:

  • Train 45,333 individuals, at a cost per person of £15, to develop the basic digital skills required to use the internet confidently and independently, enabling them to access HMRC information and services online.
  • Train 330 HMRC staff to become Digital Ambassadors, through an agile ‘test and learn’ pilot, in order to raise the digital skills of HMRC colleagues to Level 7 or above on the Government’s digital inclusion (GDS) scale.
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