Accessing funding to deliver | EDSQ series

Introduction to the Adult Education Budget and what it can be used for

  • When: 19/05/2021, 11-12:30pm
  • Presented by: Beej K, FE Funding Consultant


This webinar is part of the Good Things Foundation series on Essential Digital Skills Qualifications. This session is for centres who would like to know more about funding opportunities for delivering EDS qualifications.

Our specialist FE funding consultant will explain what Adult Education Budget (AEB) funding is and what it can be used for. This will include an overview of national entitlements, local flexibilities and devolved arrangements. Essential Digital Skills Qualifications will be used as examples to assist with your understanding.

Guidance will be provided on actions centres should take to ensure they meet quality and audit requirements.

This interactive webinar will allow you time and opportunities to ask questions.

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