Digital Champions Training


​​Session 1: Wednesday 1 November at 10am

Session 2: Wednesday 8 November at 10am


This two-part training is for any volunteers or members of staff that will provide frontline support to people who need support with digital.

Digital champions provide direct support for people who don't have the skills or confidence to make the most out of the internet and their device. They support all kinds of people who need to learn digital skills and play an important role in motivating people to give digital a go.

Session 1

This session will take a look at the role of digital champion, the skills you need and the people you are likely to support.

- What is a Digital Champion?
- Inspiring people to get online
- Overcoming barriers

Session 2

In this session we’ll look at the practicalities of being a digital champion, how you can support people to learn digital skills.

- Basic digital skills
- Accessibility
- Online learning resources
- Facilitating discussions and activities
- Back to basics