Getting engaged! Practical tips on quickly improving your social engagement

This webinar was delivered by Lightful and took place on Thursday 22 February. Find out more about them here and catch-up on the webinar below.

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This is a practical webinar for charities and nonprofit organisations looking to improve their engagement skills on Facebook and Twitter. Find out how to make the most of each platform to engage your followers and donors in the most meaningful ways. Learn how to nurture and reward your audience and explore the best strategies for each platform. Identify and implement quick wins to improve your Facebook and Twitter presence.

Find out:

  • why engagement matters in social media
  • how to tell if your audience is engaged
  • how to use Facebook and Twitter to make your presence more engaging
  • practical tips on how to keep your followers interested in your cause
  • how to build a long-lasting relationship by listening and responding to your audience
  • how to improve your engagement by following a series of quick steps.

Target Audience

This webinar is for people working at charities and nonprofit organisations who already use Facebook and Twitter but are not getting the most of it.


This webinar aims to help you understand the power of engagement through social media and what this means for your organisation’s objectives. It should help everyone explore how social media can be used in a more strategic way starting with a genuine connection with the social audience. The goal is to provide practical tips on how to improve your engagement to build a relationship with your audience.