How to embed creative and sensory approaches into Digital Skills learning


When and Where

This webinar took place on Tuesday 5 March 2019 from 10-11am

Presented by Fran Rodgers - Chief Executive of Purple Patch Arts

Purple Patch Arts aims to improve the lives and chances of people with learning disabilities by providing innovative, inclusive, creative learning experiences for them and the professionals that support. 

Find out more about the work they do on their website.


In this webinar, Fran Rodgers will explain how Purple Patch Arts use their own creative and sensory approach to help their specialist audience gain digital skills.


  • A brief history of the organisation and the people they support
  • The "Purple Patch Approach" to digital skills learning
  • The Lifelong learning model
  • How they've used Learn My Way to create sessions plans specifically designed for the people with learning disabilities
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