How to raise funds using Facebook

When and Where

This webinar took place Tuesday 22 January 2019 from 11am-12pm.


To learn how to apply for, set up and use Facebook's new fundraising tools.


  • Fundraising tools overview
  • Benefits including direct donations and no fees
  • How to use the Donate button on your page, in posts, on ads and in Facebook Live
  • How to use fundraisers
  • How to apply for the fundraising tools
  • Questions


In this webinar, we discussed how to use Facebook's new tools that will help you raise funds for your charity. You'll be shown how to setup up fundraising campaigns plus add the 'Donate' button to your page, posts and videos. Donors will then be able to donate money directly to your charity via Facebook. You'll receive 100% of all donations as Facebook don't currently deduct any fees.

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