Introduction to Teaching and Facilitation Skills

This training will be delivered through two 2-hour webinars, covering four different modules. It's ideal for people who:

  • want to develop their facilitation or mentoring skills
  • are thinking of moving into teaching adults and want to know whether it’s for them
  • are already teaching informal courses but want to share ideas and good practice.

The teaching methods on this course will include discussions, quizzes, presentations, and games. The atmosphere is informal and relaxed. No previous knowledge is assumed, but people are encouraged to share their experiences.

Module 1: Teaching skills

  • Encouraging adults back into learning
  • Meeting diverse needs
  • Promoting equality and inclusion

Module 2: Theories of learning

  • How adults learn
  • Different learning styles
  • How we can cater to different learning styles and needs in group work

Module 3: Teaching strategies

  • Setting ground rules
  • Planning sessions
  • Different teaching methods

Module 4: Assessing learning

  • Why do we need to know that learning has taken place?
  • Informally assessing learning
  • Giving constructive feedback

We understand that only some of these sessions might be relevant to you or you might not be able to make every webinar slot. Therefore it's not essential to attend all webinars as part of this four-week course.

Register for the first webinar on Thursday 7th June (2pm-4pm), covering modules one and two of the course, here: Register now

Register for the second webinar on Thursday 21st June (2pm-4pm), covering modules three and four of the course, here: Register now