Managing Coronavirus as an Online Centre (3 April)


This webinar took place on Friday 3 April

Presented by: Matthew Airey and Jonathan Bradwell


Over 11 million people in the UK lack essential digital skills, and the older they are or the poorer they are, the number increases. This means a significant proportion of the population are unable to access the information they need about the virus online and how they can access healthcare services, impacting their health and wellbeing.

In this session the learning team talk through the resources they've created based on Learn My Way to help people find accurate information online so they are able to access health information and stay in touch with loved ones, in case of isolation. We also hear from centres about the challenges you are facing as an organisation to understand how we can help you further. There is also a question and answer session relating to managing your organisation. 

(This is a repeat of the webinar held on Friday 20 March) 

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