Social prescribing


This webinar took place on the 20th May.


Presented by Leigh Calledine, this webinar is designed to support any centre or community group wanting to deliver any kind of Social Prescribing or Health Project. It also includes how Learn My Way and digital services can play a fundamental part in delivering these services, along with partnership building.

Course objectives:

Discuss how the Hilltop's format works, starting with digital champion training and how "Learn My Way" is an integral part of the delivery of the Social Prescribing Program/Community Health Scheme. 

Explain how we use our understanding of the social, geographical and demographical issues that affect our environment in order to impact the effectiveness of our services. 

Discuss the importance of developing and maintaining strong partnersgips and how they help promote and support the delivery of your social prescribing projects/Health proejcts. What sort of results can be expected? 

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