Volunteer recruitment and marketing

The Volunteer recruitment and marketing webinars are part of a four-part series -

26th Sept - Recruitment and Marketing 
Identify what roles you need, writing up role descriptions, how to advertise and reach the right people, application forms, screening, interviewing, welcoming new volunteers, and letting down unsuccessful applicants.

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10th October - 1.30pm Induction 
The most crucial time for new volunteers getting to know you and your organisation. Getting it right can leave a lasting positive impression, getting it wrong and you will know about it.

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24th Oct - 1.30pm Training and support 
Stretch and challenging your volunteers, ensuring that they are given recognition, investing in them, bringing out the best in your volunteers and looking at free or low-cost training and models of effective support.

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29th Oct -10.30am Challenging Volunteers
Models of dealing with volunteers who become problematic. What can we do, de-selection process, getting support for you, recording and letting go and moving on?

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