Writing Better Bids

This three-part programme is designed to help you better understand the bid writing process, write more effective applications and improve your success rates.

This package is very interactive and covers the full end-to-end application process. You’ll take on different roles throughout the three modules - bid writer, assessor and reviewer - giving you valuable insights into each stage, which will enable you to produce stronger, more effective funding applications.

The package consists of three modules, delivered over two weeks:

Module 1: Webinar, ‘Writing Better Funding Bids’ (1 hour)

This first module, lead by by Sally Deith from fit4funding - experts in the field of fundraising and commissioning, outlines the key issues for funders, discusses some key questions in funding applications and considers some common reasons why applications are rejected.

Module 2: Application assessments (approximately 1 hour)

Following the first webinar you’ll get the chance to consider funding applications from the view of an assessor. We'll send you everything you need to assess and score a small collection of fictional funding applications, deciding which are good enough to win funding and which aren’t.

Module 3: Webinar, ‘Funding Applications Review’ (1 hour)

In this final module, led by Sally Deith, you’ll share and discuss the results of your application assessments from module 3. Which of the centres scored highly and which didn’t do so well? How do your results compare with everyone else? Why did you score them the way you did? All the modules should be completed in order to maximise the effectiveness of the programme. You can complete the online learning and application assessments at your own pace, at anytime between the two webinars.

Upon completing the programme you’ll have the skills to write and critically assess your own funding applications - making them more effective and increasing your chances of success.

Start dates for training

The next programme will begin on Wednesday 28 June, with the two webinars taking place on 28 June and 12 July from 3pm-4pm.

Book your place by clicking the links below and registering for the webinars:

Writing Better Funding Bids, Wednesday 28 June 2017, 3pm-4pm
Funding Applications Review, Wednesday 12 July 2017, 3pm-4pm


Critical Friend Service

Centres who are not already in receipt of funding by us can also take advantage of this new, free of charge service.

How it works

Following completion of the Writing Better Bids training, you can submit one draft bid application to tutor Sally Deith, for a 'critical review'.

The draft should be emailed to Sally then, following feedback, you may submit the draft bid one more time for a second read through and feedback.

The bids can be for any project and not just for digital skills.

If you don't have any current bids you're working on, you can use this as an opportunity to review previous bid applications.

We will ask you to let us know the outcome of the bid application.

This offer is subject to eligibility. If you've completed the Writing Better Bids training and would like to find out more, please email training@goodthingsfoundation.org.