Your Digital Footprint

Social media, websites and email newsletters are all great for promoting your centre. They're ideal for keeping your current learners informed and enticing in new learners, especially as part of a big nationwide campaign like Be Online or Get Online Week. Our Digital Footprint training can help you to develop your skills in all three.

Training details:

This training will be delivered by Jonathan Gilbert of Social Media 4 Good, an organisation that provides training, mentoring, consultancy and content management services around social media and digital marketing, particularly for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and small charities.

This training package is divided into four sessions, however those who only wish to complete some are welcome to do so.

It will cover:

Easy Web Design With Weebly (Keep an eye out for upcoming dates): This session will provide a step-by-step guide to designing a website with this leading online web builder. Weebly provides a very cost effective, professional-looking and contemporary design solution. It does not require any previous web design experience or any knowledge of coding.


Email Marketing Essentials (Keep an eye out for upcoming dates): This webinar will outline the resurgence of email as a key marketing tool, explain the law and good practice around spamming and email communications, look at the main features and benefits of the free MailChimp tool and advise on the key building blocks for an effective email marketing strategy.


Using Facebook to Engage Learners and Build Your Profile (Keep an eye out for upcoming dates): Facebook is still by far the most popular social media network in the UK but how do you use it effectively as an organisation? This session will draw on tried-and-tested development methods and practical examples to outline and explain the key elements of an effective Facebook strategy for any organisation, business or charity.


Using Twitter to Network & Collaborate (Keep an eye out for upcoming dates): Twitter is a very popular and active social media network but many organisations struggle to initiate or maintain an effective strategy to utilise it. Using practical examples, tips and tools based in extensive experience, this fourth and final webinar will outline the key aspects of using Twitter in a productive and efficient way to use as a key resource, engage with stakeholders and develop opportunities.