Remote delivery resources

Below is a list of resources that will help you to offer, or continue to offer, remote learning to people in your communities. Remote learning is when you are supporting learners without being face to face. This bank of resources is available to you to help you support people when you can not be in the same place together, and is likely to be part of a more blended approach to helping people to learn. Some have been developed by Good Things Foundation, some by community partners, and others are things we have come across that we think you will find useful. Familiarise yourself with the available resources. Choose to use the ones you feel will be helpful to your staff and your community.

If you have created a remote learning support resource, or used one that you think others would benefit from, please let us know and we will be happy to look at adding it to this bundle of resources


Supporting learners with Learn My Way

Getting more from Learn My Way remotely - a slideshow

This is a bank of short YouTube videos giving you short, simple instructions on how to use Learn My Way remotely.

How to start a course

How to navigate a course

How to print a certificate

How to reset a password

How to enable tutor access

How to record learner activity

How to manage groups

Other useful resources

Explore video tools for online meetings, apps for managing projects, and get tips on how to adapt to remote working.

Make It Click - working from home subject

This guide on YouTube has been created by one of our community partners, Smartlyte, and is designed to help you when giving devices to people in your community

How to set up a Lenovo tablet and 4GEE Wifi Mini

This step-by-step guide has been created by one of our community partners, Village Web Company, and is designed to help you make your own videos when working remotely.

How to make your own videos remotely

Please do use these resources to support people remotely. If you need help with any of your remote delivery, or if you have a useful resource to suggest we add to the this page, please contact the Network team at