Working with volunteers



Corporate Volunteers

Good Things Foundation is pleased to launch an exciting new initiative with Lloyds Banking Group which will allow their colleagues to volunteer as Digital Champions across the Online Centres Network - and you can register for this free support.

We know how busy you all are. Thousands of new learners come into Online Centres Network across the country every week, and every bit of help makes a difference. That’s where Lloyds Banking Group Digital Champions come in.

How you can get involved:

Step 1: Login or register to the site
Step 2: Register your opportunity and details.
Step 3: Good Things Foundation shares your details with Lloyds Banking Group.
Step 4: Lloyds Banking Group Digital Champions get in touch with you when they have volunteers available in your area.

It’s that simple!

We believe that corporate partners can play a huge part in tackling digital exclusion. Lloyds Banking Group have committed to recruiting 20,000 colleagues as Digital Champions and we’re really proud they’re working with Good Things Foundation, helping those that need it most.

Get started!