Your Get Online Week social media guide

Top Tips

Social media is one of the best ways to shout about Get Online Week. It’s where we can all share the fun stuff that’s happening, as well as being a good way for event holders to advertise what they’ve got going on. Here’s a quick guide to making the most of it for this year’s campaign.

  1. Use your #Try1Thing cut out for pictures: Think of it as a bit of a photo booth-type prop and tweet pictures of people who have tried 1 thing at your events holding the hashtag, telling us who they are and what they've done for the first time online. Make sure to get the whole slogan in. Hosting an outreach session in a new and exciting place? Extra social media kudos will go to centres who post pictures in the most imaginative location!

    Here's our inspiration!
  2. Use the official campaign hashtags: Ensure your posts are included in any official campaign coverage by incorporating the hashtags #GOLW17 and/or #Try1Thing into them.
  3. Follow us: Make sure to follow the official Get Online Week Twitter account @getonlineweek and mention us too to make sure we don’t miss anything when we’re reposting.
  4. Show the world your marketing efforts: We love to hear and see how you’re using your marketing packs. Feel free to send us pictures of all the different locations you’ve hung posters or distributed leaflets. If you’re doing some street marketing, definitely post some pictures or videos of your team busy banging the Get Online Week drum - with their permission of course!
  5. Tweet about your events (we have ready made templates!): It’s free advertising. Make sure to link to your website or to your events on the official campaign map. There’s a suite of ready-made ‘themed’ images that you can download by clicking the button below, just use the image and add your event details and links to the text of the tweet!


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On each day of the campaign, there will be a different theme to focus your sessions and social media activity around. If you’ve already planned your week - great! But if you’re looking for a little inspiration, please see our official timetable below of what’s happening on what day and take it from there.


The theme for day one is Get Online Week. Today we'll be talking about the launch of Get Online Week, inviting people to share their campaign activities with us and inviting new learners to visit the official map to find an event near them. 

Suggested post: It's the first day of @getonlineweek. Visit the official campaign map to find an event near you: #try1thing #GOLW17

Suggested post: On the first day of @getonlineweek we've been helping learners to #try1thing new online. What will you do today? #GOLW17 [Include an image]


On day two of the campaign it's all about health. If you're hosting a health-themed session using the resources on Learn My Way, share an image with us. We'll be sharing links to these resources to help learners stay healthy by using the technology and the internet. 

Suggested post: There are lots of ways that the internet can help you improve your health this @getonlineweek: #try1thing #GOLW17

Suggested post: Get healthy this @getonlineweek by trying the courses on Learn My Way: #try1thing #GOLW17


Day three is themed around money. Our campaign this year is once again sponsored by Lloyds Banking Group, so we'll be posting about how managing your finances can both quicker and easier online. Are you hosting a finance-themed session? Post us your pictures and remember to tag @getonlineweek and @LBGDigi. 

Suggested post: Managing money online doesn't have to be difficult. Find out how computers & the internet can make it easier this @getonlineweek #try1thing

Suggested post: Why not #try1thing online this @getonlineweek and start using online banking? #GOLW17 @LBGDigi


Internet safety is often a major barrier to people getting online. That's why we've picked this theme for day four. We'll be posting about how learners can pop along to an event near them to find out more about staying safe online. If you're hosting an internet safety session, make sure to share your pictures with us using the #try1thing hashtag. 

Suggested post: Learn more about staying safe online this @getonlineweek by visiting an event near you. Find out more: #GOLW17

Suggested post: The internet doesn't have to be scary. Learn about how you can stay safe online using #LearnMyWay #try1thing #GOLW17


The fifth and final day is all about hobbies and communicating online. Some learners might want to look up recipes online or learn how to crochet, some might want to use Facebook or Skype to keep in touch with family. Whatever they want to do online, this is the perfect time for them to #try1thing. 

Suggested post: Want to learn more about how you can start a new hobby? The internet is a great place to start this @getonlineweek:

Suggested post: Communicating with family and friends is easy online. Learn more this @getonlineweek at an event near you: #GOLW17