Supporting Get Online Week

How can you support the campaign?

With Get Online Week coming up, we’d love you to encourage the people you work with to support and take part in the campaign.

The campaign will see thousands of events across the country help people embrace all the benefits the internet can offer, by helping them to Try 1 Thing - use the internet to do just one thing that they usually do offline.

Whether or not you work with a network of organisations that support individuals at a local level, who could hold a campaign event, or you have the ear of members of the public who might want to get online, these resources can help you support and promote Get Online Week 2017.

Please do use any of these articles, images or suggested social media posts in your public facing communications, to raise awareness of Get Online Week and either encourage organisations to hold an event or help people to find an event near them.

All the key information about Get Online Week, what it's about, who it's for and who's behind can be found in these key messages,

These news articles are perfect if you'd like to promote Get Online Week to the people you work with, either to encourage them to hold an event, or to find an event where they or someone they know can get help to Try 1 Thing.

These hi-res logos - both Get Online Week and #try1thing - can be used for any campaign communications, whether that's on your own website or printed materials.

These Twitter images feature our campaign poster stars - real digital skills learners - and a simple message, so you can tell the people you work with that you're proud to support Get Online Week.